‘Monad’: A collaborative video-poem

This is a collaborative short film/video-poem project as part of the launch of Monad: Journal of Transformative Practice.

As part of the journal’s democratising principles, it seeks to be radically inclusive, and as such contributors may be from any background, with no minimum education levels (the submission itself will evidence expertise and innovation, in their area of interest). Contributions to the journal are also not limited to text-based articles, but may also include audiovisual works (e.g. short films and documentaries, video art, audiovisual presentations), audio-only works, or even, images with exegesis.

Given this radical stance it seemed unreasonable that the ethos and principles of this open-access, online, peer-reviewed journal should only exist in a text-based format— and, indeed, in solely academic language. Therefore, Monad co-founder and filmmaker, Cavan McLaughlin, has worked with activist, writer and poet, Sophie Sparham, and fellow filmmaker, Jason Weidner, to produce this artistic audiovisual re-visioning of the Monad project’s core philosophy and mission statement.