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We will accept: audio; visual; textual and imagistic submissions with, where necessary, an associated exegesis.

All submitted items must be scholastic in nature, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. We will accept: audio; visual; textual and imagistic submissions with, where necessary, an associated exegesis. We take the clear position that exegesis is not a ‘legitimising component’. (Arnold, 2005, p.38) We recognise that ‘theory and practice [as] inextricably linked and mutually dependent.’ (Scrivener, 2000, p.1) Exegesis is only required when the scholastic assertions of the work is not inherent within the artefact. This journal has been founded recognising that focus on text/exegesis as a ‘legitimising component’ is a disservice to the inherent qualities of research practice/artefacts. Traditional textual submissions (articles) are also acceptable.

Adapting Scrivener’s early work on benchmarks for a research project in art and design, we present the following list of desirable qualities for a quality practice-based artefact. Is it an original, high-quality, and engaging artefact/product that:

  • displays cultural preoccupations and enables cultural transformation
  • contributes to human experience and individual transformation
  • explores the relationship between the artefact and broader cultural issues
  • communicates knowledge, learning and insight
  • relates to larger networks and projects of cultural significance
  • displays self-consciously transformative, systematic, and reflective capacities of creativity
AUDIO/VISUAL: Min 30 secs — Maximum circa 20 min
TEXTUAL: Min 4,000 — Max 8,000 words
IMAGISTIC: Min 1 — Max 10 (with supporting exegesis if appropriate) Note: More than 10 full size images would need to be submitted as a video submission: for example, slideshow, video essay etc).

All textual submissions should be in English. British English or American English is acceptable, but submissions should maintain internal consistency throughout. If quotations or textual elements are submitted in other languages, please provide an English translation. Please ensure that textual submission are sent as a MS Word document (no other formats please: .doc/.docx only). Quoted/cited sources and other footnotes should be formatted in accordance with the ‘notes and bibliography style’ of The Chicago Manual of Style.

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